What's Up Downunder

Blue Mountains to Byron Bay

The crew at What's Up Downunder were one crew-member down for thier Blue Mountains to Byron Bay trip and were desperately seeking a wrangler (driver, organiser, etc) and never shy to revisit what I did several years prior for titles like Caravan & Motorhome, Camper-trailer Australia, and a several other Express Media titles, I was in. After all, variety is the spice of life.

The trip was wonderfully thought out starting in the Blue Mountains and winding our way through Colo > Tamworth > Port Macquarie to the wonderful Byron Bay.

My drive was an awesome 200 Series Landcruiser towing an equaly awesome Universal Exporer Caravan

Whats up Downunder Byron Bay - Simon Bayliss

The Brief:

Photograph the show's presenters (Macca and Robbie Nethercote) and the 'tag-alongs' as they experience the highlights along the way. Also to photograph were the accompanying vehicles and caravans.

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