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Upper Murray Photography

The River Murray is Australia's longest river, running a course of 2,500 km from near Mount Kosciuszko in the Australian Alps to the Southern Ocean at Goolwa, in South Australia. The catchment description of the River Murray is split into 3 sections — upper, central and lower.

The upper River Murray catchment takes in the headwaters of the Murray and its many tributaries and extends about 300 km to the Hume Dam. Located in New South Wales and Victoria, the catchment covers about 2% of the area of the Basin but provides about 17% of the water.

  • willow-on-the-murray-river-upper-murray-river-australia-2
  • upstream-to-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • towong-vista-upper-murray-river-2
  • morning-mist-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-2
  • lighthouse-crossing-murray-river-towong
  • morning-willow-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • night-lights-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-5
  • night-lights-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • willow-on-the-murray-river-upper-murray-river-australia
  • morning-mist-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • night-glow-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • gadds-bend-on-the-upper-murray-river-walwa-nsw-australia
  • upstream-to-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-2
  • misty-morning-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-2
  • gadds-bend-on-the-upper-murray-river-walwa-nsw-australia-02
  • night-lights-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-6
  • murray-river-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-2
  • murray-river-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • misty-morning-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia
  • night-lights-at-gadds-bend-upper-murray-river-australia-4

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