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Sydney Harbour Photography

Sydney is one of those cities that as soon as you get a glimpse of the harbour that you know that you are in an international city; and like many other iconic cities (Paris - Stockholm etc) photography subjects are everywhere.

The icon that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge presses that feeling home immediately as it is one of the worlds most recognised icons; whether it is bathed in fireworks on New Year's Eve or just providing a backdrop for the Harbour itself or the magnificent Sydney Opera House The Opera House is also one of those surreal experiences when you first lay your eyes on it.

The Opera House is also one of those surreal experiences when you first lay your eyes on it. Pictures and film can portray its unique beauty but until you have seen it in real life, in the context of the Bridge and Sydney Harbour, it is merely an icon. One cannot help but be photographically inspired by the sights around the harbour.

  • sydney-opera-sail-harbour-nsw-australia-13
  • sydney-bridge-and-opera-house-milson's-point-harbour-nsw-australia-05
  • sydney-harbour-bridge-dawes-point-harbour-nsw-australia-11
  • sydney-harbour-bridge-foundations-harbour-nsw-australia-10
  • sydney-sandstone-rocks-bondi-beach-nsw-australia-02
  • sydney-harbour-bridge-foundations-harbour-nsw-australia-07
  • sydney-harbour-bridge-foundations-harbour-nsw-australia-09
  • sydney-opera-house-steps-harbour-nsw-australia-12
  • sydney-harbour-bridge-foundations-harbour-nsw-australia-06
  • sydney-harbour-bridge-foundations-harbour-nsw-australia-08
  • sydney-sandstone-rocks-bondi-beach-nsw-australia-01
  • sydney-fishing-harbour-nsw-australia-03
  • sydney-bridge-night-harbour-nsw-australia-04
  • sydney-opera-house-and-city-harbour-nsw-australia-14

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