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Sturt National Park

Outback NSW National Parks, Australia

To many, Sturt National Park is the most majestic, ethereal and awe-inspiring regions of Australia. There is something truly remarkable about the Australian outback with stories revealed in its ancient landscape that reveal ancient rivers and mountains that once dominated the area. While time may have eroded the mountains and dried the rivers, their traces are still evident; as are the inherent energy they provide.

Visiting Sturt National Park, and places like the 'Jump-ups', is a timeless and evocative experience as it provides those who venture out there with a glimpse into the past of this ethereal land.

Driving across the Waka claypan on the way to Cameron Corner, Sturt National Park, AustraliaDriving across the Waka claypan on the way to Cameron Corner, Sturt National Park, Australia

The innate desire of those who travel the Outback is to connect with and experience our ancient land, and Sturt National Park is one of those outback destinations.

Sturt National Park is the largest National Park in NSW at 340,000 hectares and spans the sandy dunes of the Strzelecki Desert across the ancient mesas of the Grey Range and Mt King (The Jump-Ups) and includes the Gibber plains, gorges and hills of Mount Wood.

The north-west boundary of Sturt NP is Cameron Corner, the surveyed north-west corner of NSW and the point where the states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia meet.
The area provides the visitor with a great insight to the geomorphology of Outback Australia with ancient eroded mountain ranges and vast gibber plains easily illustrating the concept of the inland sea that early explorers like Charles Sturt believed covered the interior of Australia.

Throughout the park, on some of the touring routes of Sturt National Park, there are several vantage points to the Dingo Fence (at 5,000+ km, it is the world's longest fence).

The Dingo Fence, also referred to as the Dog Fence, stretches 5,614km from the Darling Downs in southeast Queensland, west through outback Queensland heading south to the NSW/Queensland border west of Tibooburra before reaching Cameron Corner. From the Corner, the fence heads south along the NSW/SA border before heading west (north of Broken Hill) across to Coober Pedy and then south to the cliffs of the Nullarbor Plains to the west of the Eyre Peninsula.

Built in the early 1880s, it was designed to keep wild dogs out of the fertile south-east area of the continent and keep the sheep flocks of southern Queensland safe.

Touring Sturt National Park

There are three, main, touring routes in Sturt National Park that are accessible to all vehicle types (check road conditions in Tiboobbura before heading out). The drives are very informative and provide a great way to experience the history and majesty of this wonderful landscape.

The Gorge Loop Road

The This tour around Mt Wood and the Mount Wood Hills covers the outdoor pastoral heritage museum, Mt Wood Homestead & shearer's quarters, the Gibber and Mitchell Grass Plains, the Twelve Mile Creek Gorge, and the old pastoral remains at Torrens Bore and Horton Park Station. Wildlife such as Emu, Kangaroo, and Wedge-Tail eagles are commonly sighted.

The Jump-Ups Loop Road:

The ancient land-forms that are known as the Jump-Ups are the remains of an ancient mountain range that have been eroded down over millions of years leaving the 150m plateau (Mesa) and the granite strewn plains which form the catchment of the Connia Creek (Ephemeral) which follows south-east into the Twelve Mile creek. A truly spectacular sight.

Cameron Corner Loop:

The drive from Tibooburra to Cameron Corner takes the visitor through a diverse landscape including the Waka Claypan, past Fort Grey (which was a provisions stockade built by explorer Charles Sturt for his inland expeditions), and on to the Corner and the worlds longest fence; the 5,000+ km Dog Fence was constructed to keep roaming Dingos of the north and west out of the pastoral lands of NSW. The Corner Explorer

Sturt National Park is a true outback experience and affords the visitor with a diverse landscape with the colours and hues that are synonymous with Outback Australia.

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