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SEO Albury & Wodonga

Albury SEO - Search Engine OptimisationAlbury SEO - Red Dirt Studio specialises in Search Engine Optimisation to improve the reach of your website and rank higher in search engine results. Our service will evaluate page/content characteristics of your website and provide insights to improve its Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is probably one of the most confusing, and hyped, aspects of your website and there is no shortage of SEO ‘professionals’ spruiking that they, and only they, know the magic formula to get your site to number one ASAP.

The truth is, there is no magic formula and no one can guarantee you will be number #1 for the keyword/s that is best for your business or service. Sure, they can get a top SEO ranking for less competitive keyword phrases, but will that help visitation to your website? Probably not.

Red Dirt Studio has been providing SEO services for nearly ten years and our best SEO results are achieved by long-term strategies that follow Google’s best practices for the best search engine results.

There are no shortcuts or quick solutions, so doing it right initially will cost you less in the long term and ensure consolidated results in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Our SEO Process

1) Consultation (FREE)

The first step in our affordable search engine ranking service is a consultation to learn more about your website, your business and the aims & objectives of your online brand.

This is 100% free of cost and obligation.

2) Website Analysis (From $595)

Before any work can be done to improve your Search Engine Ranking, we must first analyse your website to determine its SEO health.

There are three broad areas that need to be looked at to improve search engine optimisation:

  • On Page Optimisation (how the site is built - frontend and backend)
  • Off-Page Optimisation (how the site interacts with the web)
  • Technical Optimisation (how the website and server functions in terms of web protocols)

3) Implementing (From $595/Month - 3 Month min process)

With the SEO strategy determined, Red Dirt Studio will implement and monitor changes on an ongoing basis, as determined by you, without any lock-in contracts!

We believe that engaging an SEO consultant should be based on SEO success and desired outcomes. This also allows for scheduling/varying SEO work throughout the year as desired.

 * Prices based on small-medium website & excludes GST

How Long Before I See SEO Results?

Search Engine Optimisation is a slow process and if done correctly, consolidated results should be seen in a few months (It can be shorter, but realistic & sustained SEO change can take this long)

Search Engine Optimisation Truths

  • #1: No one can 'guarantee' you top position in search results.
  • #2: It does not need costs a lot of money to improve your SEO.
  • #3: Search Engine Optimization is not a complex process - But does take time.
  • #4: Following Google's guidelines will improve your search ranking.
  • #5: Google and other search engines are not easily fooled - short cuts will only get you penalised.