Photographic Wall Art – Rustic & Rural, Australia

Australia is a land of great extremes, beauty, and diversity. To the photographer, Australia is a place of such rugged beauty illuminated by bright, high-contrast light. It is what enables the uniqueness of our images. There are not too many places across this great country that I don't get excited about photographing. Still, I have a particular passion for all things outback, especially Far West NSW and the Darling River and the Corner Country regions.

We have an affinity for rustic things as a connection to the past (maybe). Or, in this disposable world, that element from the past had travelled a journey through time. Whatever it is, photographers love it, and the outback is the best place to experience rusticity.

Kinchega Shed 02 AURR-72_2

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Kinchega Shed 02

The Kinchega Woolshed at Kinchega Natrional Park, Menindee, Outback NSW, Australia

Photographic Wall Art - 'Kinchega Shed 02', Rustic n Rural. Limited Edition Photographic Prints by renowned Australian professional photographer Simon Bayliss. Limited Edition artworks works are available in a range of sizes on varies media types.

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