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Australian Photography

Australia travel and touring photography, from the beautiful Australian coastline to the wonders of the outback with its iconic towns and pioneering spirit – it is a magical land. The Darling River, Outback NSW , Victoria's Goldfields, the Wimmera are a some of the places that will inspire.

Australia is a land of great extremes, beauty and diversity and it is such a privilege to be able to share images I have captured whether through the many online and print publications I have contributed to over the years.

There are not too many places across this great country that I don’t get excited about photographing but I have a special passion for all things outback, especially outback NSW and the regions along the Darling River and the Corner Country.

While our cultural fabric and heritage is intricately linked to the outback, it is the coastal areas we are also drawn to; and as a photographer, they make wonderful places to capture.

Touring Photography - AU

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As mentioned, my passion has always was been travel, adventure and photography, but it is not only about Australia as I have been fortunate enough to travel most of Europe by motorcycle and much of Scandinavia and Lapland having lived in northern Sweden for a while with my Swedish partner and first-born son Charlie.

There are many adventures that lie ahead, and with the arrival a couple of years ago of our second son Eli, Elenor and I can wait to expose them to the best education in the world, travel and the opportunities to experience different lifestyles and cultures. Below are some samples....