Photographic Wall Art – Coastal Australia

Australia is a land of great extremes, beauty, and diversity. To the photographer, Australia is a place of such rugged beauty illuminated by bright, high-contrast light. It is what enables the uniqueness of our images. There are not too many places across this great country that I don't get excited about photographing. Still, I have a particular passion for all things outback, especially Far West NSW and the Darling River and the Corner Country regions.

Australian's LOVE the beach, and it is easy to understand our affinity to the coast when we have 25,780km of coast and only 25.3 million people. (Bear in mind though that Australia is one of the most urbanised nations)

Add to that, we have a climate that is conducive to utilising that coastline. Despite currently living in regional Australia, on the Murray River, and near the mountains, I have been fortunate to have experienced life in coastal Australia in Sydney and the South Coast of NSW.


Curly Shimmer AUCST-41_2

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Curly Shimmer

South Curl Curl Rockpool on Sydneys Northern Beaches.

Photographic Wall Art - 'Curly Shimmer', On the Coast. Limited Edition Photographic Prints by renowned Australian professional photographer Simon Bayliss. Limited Edition artworks works are available in a range of sizes on varies media types.

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