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Lawn Hill Gorge & Adels Grove

Outback Queensland

Lawn Hill National Park in Queensland's outback is a garden paradise you wouldn't mind looking after! Destinations and the reasons we choose them are as unique as we are. There are places we seek for beautiful landscapes, to learn about ancient cultures, observe unique wildlife, paddle ancient spring-fed waterways, or to experience the early pioneering spirit.

Lawn Hill Gorge and National Park is located near Queensland's border with Northern Territory on the state's far north-west.

Winton ..  the journey begins

Sometimes, though, a place possesses all these, as well as the legacy of a man who ventured into the Never Never to fulfil a dream of creating an oasis in the outback; with pioneering spirit and character that is not only defined in folklore but also the essence of Australia.

But Outback Queensland's Lawn Hill is about more than Albert de Lestang and what he created. It's about evocative indigenous Dreamtime stories, majestic gorges and pristine spring-fed creeks.

The easiest way to get to Lawn Hill is from the east via Bourke and Wills Roadhouse on the Matilda Highway. This route takes in Gregory Downs, a great pub stopover renowned not only for its great meals and hospitality but also one of the nicest river camp spots just 5km out of town.

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