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Karumba, Gulf Country

Outback Queensland

The only town in view of the Southern Gulf, Karumba serves up everything the Top End is renowned. In a country that can be explored year-round, we really are uniquely spoilt for touring choice here in Australia and, like the migratory wildebeest, we follow the routes laid down by those that have gone before us, with seasonal synchronicity.

The cooler months down south mean many of us seek the warmer north, while the reverse is true during summer. But as always, some of the best experiences are often found slightly off the main route. The journey across the top end, via Queensland's Savannah Way, is a popular one and near the south-eastern corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria, there is a great side trip that incorporates Karumba, a well-known fishing destination that is well worth a visit.

Karumba is the only town on the Gulf's southern coastline that is in view of the Gulf, as the low-lying tidal marshes have limited hinterland settlement, with many other towns established up to 50km inland.

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