Located in the Corner Country region of Outback NSW, Milparinka is not only a fascinating small town with some amazing historic buildings, but is also the location of some wonderful historic sites slightly further to the west that is synonymous with early expeditions into the interior by Sturt and the like. On the surface, Milparinka might seem that it is little more than old ruins and a great pub, but through the efforts of some passionate volunteers, its rich history is on show at the beautifully restored courthouse as well as a few other restored sandstone buildings. Gold fever hit the area during the 1870s and those seeking their fortunes came to places like Mt Browne, Albert, and the Granites near Tibooburra. Despite gold never being found at Milparinka, there was another valuable commodity that Milparinka had which was pivotal for the survival of the other places during the boom, water, which was sourced at nearby Evelyn Creek. During this time, Milparinka boasted several hotels, shops, a bank and a Cobb & Co depot, police station and a courthouse.