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Cooper Creek, Windorah

Outback Queensland

Steeped in folklore and Australia's rich explorer's history, Cooper Creek is one of those must-see outback destinations that will not disappoint. Originally known as Cooper's Creek, today it is simply Cooper Creek and references to it by the former name is quickly corrected by those living around the vast area it covers. It is most famous as the river where Australian explorers Burke and Wills died in 1861 while returning from their successful expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Bourke, Wills, Mitchell and Sturt, names etched deeply into the Australian psyche through their explorative efforts into the unknown interior of Australia in the mid-late 1800s.

At the time, very little was known of the outback and the intentions of the various expeditions were to better understand the region and determine its potential for settlement.

By comparison to how we travel through the outback today with our modern vehicles equipped with the comforts from home, not to mention the ability to source provisions along the way, it must have been a daunting prospect for those early explorers that ventured into the Never-Never.

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