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From its capital Stockholm to the wonderful areas of Norland and Jamtland (Jämtland) to the fascinating island of Gotland with its exquisite town of Visby, Sweden is so much more clichéd pop groups and Volvo cars. Its people and culture will envelop any visitor and is a photographer's paradise.

As a professional photographer, it is a wonderful opportunity to visit, experience, and photograph Scandinavia. Creating Swedish Photographic Prints is the end result of this passion.

The very beautiful Nordic country of Sweden lies to the north of continental Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsular (with Norway and Finland being the other two countries occupying the peninsular. Sweden, a constitutional monarchy, is the 3rd largest country in the EU and with only 9+ million people means it has one of the lowest population densities with about 85% of its population living in urban areas.