Gerringong South Coast NSW

Gerringong is a picture-postcard coastal town located on the NSW Southcoast about 1.5 hours south of Sydney. While most of the NSW coastline is being overdeveloped, Gerringong is one of those places that retains the elements of a true coastal idyll. Set off the main highway, the town has maintained a layback country style and sense of community that it is the envy of many. Add to that the fact that its beach, Werri Beach, is renowned as the best surf beach on the NSW South Coast. Werri (originally known as Ourie Beach) is a beautiful classic Australian beach with its pristine sands stretched out between two rock headlands with a magnificent rock pool on the rock shelf of the southern end and a wonderful lagoon at the northern end.

Driving South from Sydney, from Sydney the magnificent Pacific Ocean is revealed as you descend the Illawarra escarpment just prior to reaching Wollongong, at Bulli Pass. A hint at the beauty that lies ahead is further revealed just before Kiama with the first glimpse of Bombo Beach with the iconic Kiama Lighthouse in the distance.

A really ‘wow’ moment comes about 5km south of Kiama when the highway winds around a section where the mountains meet the coast – the Kiama Bends – and the beauty of the Southcoast is revealed at Mount Pleasant.

Gerroa - 7 Mile Beach - Situated on the coast, just south of Kiama, lies the township of Gerroa, on the Crooked River, at the northern end of 7 Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach, part of the Seven Mile Beach National Park, is a beautiful stretch of golden sand that extends down to the Shoalhaven River near Nowra.

The golden beach has played host to many activities including horse racing, car and motorcycle racing, land speed records (it was the site where the 100mph speed barrier was broken) and more famously, 7 Mile Beach, was where Charles Kingsford-Smith and his "Southern Cross" departed for the first commercial trans-Tasman crossing to New Plymouth in New Zealand in January 1933.

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