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Even from a young age, I have always felt the power of the captured image. Memories of pouring over what seemed to be a vast catalogue of documentary books we had in the house are still vivid.

The power of a moment in time, captured in a split second is what it is all about. While the medium has changed a lot over the last decade, it is still a captivating aspect of life.

After a decade working in the Agri-Business sector, something stirred within and the passion returned during a long-desired motorcycle tour of Europe, and in particular, France and Paris.

Returning to Australia, the re-ignited passion was the catalyst of a career change, and all energies were directed to the goal of becoming a professional photographer.

In addition to paid positions with Australia's leading lifestyle media publishers, I desired to apply my photography to my other love, the rivers of eastern Australia, particularly the Darling River (The Darling River Run), the Murray River, and the tributaries of the Murray Darling Basin.

Over the years, there have been several iterations of the name that encapsulates my photography; Red Dust and Snow was chosen years ago and rested until now. It is a name that incorporates my connection to the vast outback of Australia and the Alpine regions that feed the rivers of the Murray Darling Basin.

But that is not the end of the story.. as my passion for snow (and things sub-zero) is also a connection to my partner's birthplace, Sweden.

Sweden was also a place we lived, and provided an opportunity to further nurture the bicultural heritage of our two children, and explore a land, and culture, very different from that of Australia was an inspiring experience. Needless to say, it was a time of significant challenges and ethereal photographic creativity.

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