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Red Dust on SnowTM

Murray Darling Touring Routes, Destinations and Photography

Welcome to Red Dust on SnowTM!

My passion has always was been travel, adventure and photography; the name Red Dirt on SnowTM sums up my passion... from the red dust of Outback Australia, along the water courses and up to the high country to the rugged ranges that hold the snow in winter and release the lifeblood of the land in spring.

This passion was borne not only from my childhood, but the first time I travelled to Outback NSW to experience the Darling River Run; little did I know that a few years later I would be involved in the Darling River Run project; and the passion and involvement with the river system is still going 10+ years later.

What I have learned over the years travelling the Darling is that, like all things in nature, nothing exists in isolation and the Darling is an integral part of a bigger system, the Murray-Darling Basin.

The basin covers around 14% of Australia and as such, my passion has grown to explore, photograph, and write about the area.

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I hope you enjoy!

Simon Bayliss

Touring & Destinations

Destination Photography

As mentioned, my passion has always was been travel, adventure and photography, but it is not only about Australia as I have been fortunate enough to travel most of Europe by motorcycle and much of Scandinavia and Lapland having lived in northern Sweden for a while with my Swedish partner and first-born son Charlie.

There are many adventures that lie ahead, and with the arrival a couple of years ago of our second son Eli, Elenor and I can wait to expose them to the best education in the world, travel and the opportunities to experience different lifestyles and cultures. Below are some samples....